Mississippi is business friendly. We are a Right-to-Work state with competitive wage rates and a most productive workforce that consistently wins national acclaim.

Our statewide workforce training program ensures new and expanding companies will have access to employees with the right skill sets to get the job done. National surveys consistently reflect the strong work ethic of Mississippians, ranking them as some of the most productive in the nation.

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Workforce Training

Mississippi offers training at little or no cost through the state’s community college system and other training locations.

The program includes customer-designed pre-employment training, post-employment training and upgrade/retraining services for new, expanding or existing industries through the Workforce Education Program in conjunction with the community college system. Pre-employment training can be done at the plant site, at the community or junior college campus, in a mobile unit or at another designated facility. The cost of each program is negotiated based on the required training needs of each industry.

A program that can be leveraged with the Workforce Education Program is the federal government’s Workforce Investment Act. Through WIA’s on-the-job training program, the employer may be reimbursed up to 50 percent of the wages for new workers for up to six months. When participants complete the training, the employer may realize additional savings through a tax credit under the Targeted Job Tax Credit Program.