Transportation - Railways

Much of Mississippi’s early growth is credited to the railway system that traverses the state. These railways are part of the national network providing quick movement of goods and passengers to all parts of the nation. Twenty-one rail systems serve Mississippi with 2,541 miles of track. Their comprehensive rail services include carload, trailer on flat car, container on flat car, and mini-bridge shipments. In addition, Mississippi’s railways integrate the state’s transportation systems by linking river, highway, and air distribution points.

The merger of the Canadian National and Illinois Central railroads and a long-term marketing alliance with the Kansas City Southern created an efficient new rail link all along the NAFTA corridor. The agreements link together almost 25,000 miles of track stretching from both coasts of Canada through the central United States to the Gulf Coast, Texas and Mexico.



Mississippi Export Railroad

Mississippi Export Railroad (MSE) – a short-line railroad that operates in Jackson County, Mississippi. It connects to four Class I railroads – in the north-south corridor connecting the Canadian National Railroad (CN) and the east-west line of CSX Transportation (CSXT). MSE also connects to the Norfolk Southern (NS) in Mobile, AL, and Hattiesburg, MS, and Kansas City Southern (KCS) in Jackson, MS, through haulage agreements. These connections and their alliances link the Gulf of Mexico to all points on the continent. Mississippi Export maintains five working locomotives. MSE’s track can accommodate unit trains with loads up to 315,000 lbs/car, and is maintenanced regularly. The MSE owns and operates a railcar/locomotive repair and maintenance facility. It also has abundant track space for railcar storage of all types and several team tracks available for commodity transfers. Mississippi Export Railroad is dedicated to providing the best-personalized customer service. The company is skilled and experienced in offering creative solutions to help businesses prosper. Mississippi Export Railroad is the gateway to reliable distribution service to and from South Mississippi.