Foreign Trade Zone

What are the advantages of a FTZ?


If you are a non-manufacturing or manufacturing operation that imports, exports or re-exports – and you would like to improve cash availability and lower operating costs – the Mississippi Coast FTZ offers the business advantages you need: 

Operating Capital is available longer because duty or excise tax is not paid until goods are entered into U.S. Customs territory.

Inventory Exemption is frequently available.

Indefinite Storage of goods within the FTZ encourages volume buying, transportation discounts and distribution of goods under the most favorable market conditions.

Bulk Shipments may be broken down and repackaged within an FTZ which can ensure transportation savings and allow improperly labeled merchandise to be correctly labeled without fines or penalties.

Merchandise may be sampled and tested for quality in the FTZ, allowing for defective or substandard goods to be repaired, returned or discarded before assessment of duty.

Foreign Products that have been further processed in the FTZ may receive a change in classification, thereby reducing the amount of customs duty charged.

Reduced Insurance Costs may be applicable due to the tight security and 24-hour protection provided by the FTZ and also because the value of the goods in the FTZ does not include the cost of duty payment.

Goods May Be Displayed in an FTZ and sold at wholesale.

Seasonal Goods or those subject to market fluctuations may be stored in the FTZ indefinitely.

Distribution Operations will find the FTZ an ideal duty free holding area in the U.S. until their products are distributed.

You should consider using an FTZ:

When Imported Merchandise is subject to high duty rates or low to moderate duty rates and distributed in relatively high volume

When Imported Goods are brought into the U.S. in dutiable containers and are to be sorted, repackaged, relabeled or upgraded to meet company or entry requirements

When the Cost of Merchandise or shipping is increasing faster than inventory turnover will profitably accommodate

When Goods Can Be Imported at a manufacturer’s discount several months prior to sale

When Sub-Assembly, assembly or manufacturing, using wholly or partly imported materials, is undertaken for sale in U.S. or foreign markets

When Processing Merchandise can result in duty or transportation savings from weight reduction or lower duty rates

When Import Shipments can be made in quantity to lower costs; then the products are inspected, repaired or repackaged; and then entered into Customs territory in smaller quantities

When Imported Merchandise is to be stored and exhibited for later sale in order to take advantage of seasonal or unique markets

When the Duration of Storage is uncertain or prolonged and/or when the ultimate destination is uncertain


When you choose the Mississippi Coast FTZ, you will be using one of America’s most professional and well-run foreign trade zones. Many unique advantages are offered:

World-Class Deep Water Ports: The Ports of Gulfport, Pascagoula and Bienville are located on the north central Gulf of Mexico with direct access to the Intracoastal Waterway, railways, interstate and four-lane U.S. highways.

Available Warehouse Space: Abundant warehouse storage space is available at each port and at various industrial sites.  Facilities exist for perishables, fumigation and irradiation.

Fully Developed Industrial Park Property: Several hundred acres of property, located on navigable waterways and at all three international airports, with areas designated for heavy manufacturing, light industry or technology businesses, are available within the FTZ.

Direct Connection to Worldwide Air Shipments: The Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, Stennis International Airport and Trent Lott International Airport all lie within the FTZ and provide world-class facilities for international air transportation.

Access to Interstate and Multi-Lane Highway Systems: The area is served by Interstates 10 & 59, U.S. Highway 49, State Highways 57 & 63, and numerous other interconnecting routes which allow products to reach major U.S. markets expeditiously.

On-Site Utilities: Water, electricity, telephone, natural gas and waste disposal are available on sites within the FTZ.

Location in Mississippis Fastest Growing Region: The Mississippi Gulf Coast is home to more than 7,000 businesses and nearly 400,000 residents. In addition, the area offers:

• An abundant, diversified labor force

• Scheduled airline service

• Excellent housing, recreation, casino resorts and educational opportunities

• Easy access to over 130 major metropolitan areas

• Mild weather year-round

• Pro-development business climate


FTZ Operator Support:  The Mississippi Coast FTZ can facilitate the use of FTZ space and assist users with:

• Activating FTZ space

• Interfacing with U.S. Customs

• The entry and withdrawal process

• Inventory control

• All FTZ administrative functions


Why choose the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

We are successful. The annual economic impact of the Mississippi Coast FTZ #92 is $10 billion. When you add the business incentives offered on the state and local level to the advantages of our FTZ, it is easy to see why the Mississippi Coast is the choice for a growing number of business operations.


Vocational Technical Training

The Mississippi Coast offers one of the best vocational and technical training programs in the nation.

Labor-Market Data

The most accurate labor and market information is readily available.

Free Employment Screening

Mississippi offers free employment screening and interviewing at no charge to businesses.

Innovative Financing

Attractive financing programs are available through local financial institutions, as well as state and other

governmental programs.

Tax Exempt Revenue Bonds

Low cost financing is available for qualified projects.

Tax Incentives

Special tax incentives are available for qualified companies.