Mississippi Gulf Coast Synergies

It boils down to the way things fit together: an aircraft or ship is the sum of its parts, from the propulsion system to the materials to the computer system to the user. When it comes to the field of advanced materials, it almost goes without saying that products developed in the field have applications in a host of other fields, from shipbuilding to aircraft making and more. Synergy goes beyond the pieces that make up a product. It can also involve systems. A warfighting capability, for instance, involves the many elements, from soldiers to equipment to communications. A military synergy has, in fact, developed along the Gulf Coast.



The lightweight but strong materials that are finding more applications in the aerospace industry, from weapons to fuselages.

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Unmanned Systems

These fixed- and rotary-wing vehicles are becoming a big part of the military. Two UAVs are now being built in South Mississippi.

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Propulsion Systems

The systems, from rockets to piston engines, that power aircraft and spacecraft.

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There is an incredible array of unmanned, sensor-laden systems circling the Earth and acting as our eyes and ears. Some are built or modified in South Mississippi.

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Sensors and Geospatial

The equipment that allows us to see and hear beyond our own limitations.

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