South Mississippi Marine Science

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is well known for its tourism and shipbuilding industries. Less well known is its role in marine science, which is considerable and growing.

South Mississippi sits at the center of a region that has more than 40 federal and university marine science research operations. The Mississippi Gulf Coast alone has 18. The significance of that research foundation is difficult to overstate. Marine science is a huge field that includes multiple disciplines, and it has implications for a wide variety of industries, from marine aquaculture to the search for new medicines.

For industries that rely on marine science, the Mississippi Gulf Coast represents a great opportunity. With a high quality of life and low cost of doing business, the Mississippi Gulf Coast has been a contender for some of the most high-profile projects around. And it's now even more appealing, thanks to the availability of major new incentives designed to help companies that want to invest in the future of Mississippi and the Gulf Coast region.

Along the Mississippi Gulf Coast there are technology parks, business incubators and technology transfer offices and work force training programs, and perhaps just as important, there is plenty of room to grow just outside the urban corridor.

South Mississippi offers a glimpse into the world of tomorrow.