Aerospace Products / Composites

Composite Operations

Huntington Ingalls Industries Ship Composites Center of Excellence
Bernard Bayou Industrial District, Gulfport
Manufactures composite modules for ships

Seemann Composites
Bernard Bayou Industrial District, Gulfport
Develops commercial, military composite prototypes

Solvay Advanced Polymers
Port Bienville Industrial Park, Bay St. Louis
Manufactures advanced polymers

United States Marine
Bernard Bayou Industrial District, Gulfport
Builds composite boats for special military operations

Apache Fuselage (military)

Apache Fuselage
Gulfport, MS   |   Prototype development

The Boeing Co. and the Army launched a program in 2000 to reduce the weight and labor cost for the Apache helicopter fuselage. Gulfport's Seemann Composites Inc. developed the tooling and process to resin infuse a one-piece, stitched carbon fiber fuselage skin with all structural bulkheads. As a result of this work, SCI received Boeing Phantom Works supplier innovator of the year award in 2002.

Composite fuselage prototype (civilian)

Composite fuselage prototype
Gulfport, MS   |   prototype development

Seemann Composites of Gulfport developed a system to fabricate with the SCRIMP process a one-piece fuselage for general aviation aircraft. SCI demonstrated a process to embed electric heat elements and other sensors in the skin of a production mold to check on critical elements during the moulding process. Seemann Composites photo.


Bay St. Louis, MS   |   production facility

A rigid-rod thermoplastic that is non-combustible, solvent and scratch resistant, its low density makes it a candidate for replacement of metal parts in weight-sensitive applications. It can be melt processed using standard moulding or extrusion methods. Its performance attributes and light weight make it an alternative to metals in applications such as aerospace components, medical tubing and devices, semiconductor components, and industrial applications including bushings, bearings, gears and valves.  Solvay Advanced Polymers image