Available Sites

Hancock County

Located to the west of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, Hancock County has 28 sites with a combined 2,250 acres ready for development and up to 110,000 square feet of total warehouse space. Hancock County’s available sites are within FTZ #92. Hancock County has recently undergone the Mississippi Power Project Ready Certification process for four sites and is awaiting the certification to be awarded! To find the right site for your business, click here for more information.


Harrison County

Located in the heart of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Harrison County has five industrial parks that are both heavy and light industrial zoned. The five industrial parks, combined, have a nearly 800 acres of available sites for future development.  Harrison County’s industrial parks are within FTZ #92. 


Jackson County

Located to the east of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, Jackson County has thirteen locations and a combined 1,000 acres ready for development and 20,000 square feet of available combined warehouse space all located in FTZ #92. Jackson County, MS has completed the Mississippi Power Project Ready Certification and has been awarded three certifications through the program. For more information and to find the site right for you, click here.


Mississippi Power

Mississippi Power’s Project Ready Site Certification Program has 13 Certified Sites within its 23-county service territory with eight of them being on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Click here for more information.